CCK11 – A New Dawn

19 01 2011

Photo of sunrise

I like to try to add a photo to each of my blog posts and I’ve just realised that I missed the perfect opportunity today. This morning I tweeted the fact that I was greeted by a beautiful red sky in London due to the fact that I had got to work extra early to give myself time to start CCK11. I should have taken a quick snap of it too. Never mind – this one will suffice.

Enough babble.

Some initial thoughts:

Like Leitha, I too am easily over-awed by the ‘higher plane’ of some academic discussions, and this was exactly my feeling as I read What connectivism is, and What Connectivism Is Not. However, I’m sure this is because the discourse is just so new.

OK, so at first much of it did seem a lot of old mumbo-jumbo jargon and I found it so scary that I stopped reading, but the mind did start churning:

In terms of learning theory, I’ve always strongly aligned myself with the ideas behind Social Constructivism, which at its heart is that each individual constructs their own personal knowledge through dialog and interactions with others. I like this – it’s tangible, I can relate to idea that I ‘build’ or construct my own level of understanding and personal knowledge. Connectivism (at the moment at least) feels a much more abstract concept – I don’t yet have any kind of mental image or any kind of ‘peg’ to contextualise this new theory yet. I feel like I need to make a shift from a very ‘internal’ (to an individual) view of what knowledge is, to a more ‘external’ idea.

Is there such a thing as ‘personal knowledge’ – all the things that I know and understand? Is this not knowledge – or is it a  a representation of the ‘connections formed by my actions and experiences’ ?

I’m not expecting to find any answers soon – but at least I’m feeling brave enough to open another link and try some more reading 🙂




2 responses

19 01 2011

Great post and wonderful photo.

Like you I get confused with these ideas. It seems to me that there are two things I mean when I say ‘learning’. One is the process of acquiring ideas, studying perhaps, which I usually do in connected networks of people making connections between ideas. Is this ‘connectivism’? But at some stage I have to go into a different mode of learning (usually quite solitary although I do like to pace up and down) where I internalise the knowledge inside my own mind. Is this your ‘personal knowledge’? I am still making connections (between ideas) when internalising the ideas but at this stage other people are a distraction.

Perhaps I am just a misanthrope.

I found this article by Thornburg (Thornburg D 2004 Campfires in Cyberspace: Primordial metaphors for learning in the 21st Century International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning 1:10 available at which suggests we have evolved three ways of learning from our tribal past: listening to stories around the campfire; chatting by the watering hole (connectivism?) and thinking to ourselves in the cave.

19 01 2011

Thanks for your thoughts and for the article link. I was familiar with the metaphors of campfires and watering holes, but the electronic cave is a new one!

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