Review of 4 Learning Theories – CCK11

19 01 2011

Saw this from Linns feed in the CCK Daily Newsletter. A nice concise overview! Not sure how to actually ’embed’ the file, rather than just give the link 😦

According to G.Siemens

The table below indicates how prominent learning theories differ from connectivism:

Property Behaviourism Cognitivism Constructivism Connectivism
How learning occurs Black box—observable behaviour main focus Structured, computational Social, meaning created by each learner (personal) Distributed within a network, social, technologically enhanced, recognizing and interpreting patterns
Influencing factors Nature of reward, punishment, stimuli Existing schema, previous experiences Engagement, participation, social, cultural Diversity of network, strength of ties, context of occurrence
Role of memory Memory is the hardwiring of repeated experiences—where reward and punishment are most influential Encoding, storage, retrieval Prior knowledge remixed to current context Adaptive patterns, representative of current state, existing in networks
How transfer occurs Stimulus, response Duplicating knowledge constructs of “knower” Socialization Connecting to (adding) nodes and growing the network (social/conceptual/biological)
Types of learning best explained Task-based learning Reasoning, clear objectives, problem solving Social, vague
(“ill defined”)
Complex learning, rapid changing core, diverse knowledge sources