CCK11 – Blowing in the wind?

19 01 2011

Photo of a Jericho Rose

I must admit that I do share other CCK11ers anxieties about being overwhelmed with information on this course and how to find a way through it. This can partly be solved by trying to establish some clear objectives for myself – but surely that is only part of this learning process. I have started to wander how the pedagogy of this kind of course works in practice. In my previous post I commented on the fact that I felt fairly secure in my understanding of Constructivism – where the tutor takes on the role of the guide on the side, rather than the sage on the stage. I’m sure this is probably true of Connectivist approaches too.

At the moment I feel a little like a Jericho Rose – alone in a vast wilderness being bowled along rather aimlessly in hope of finding a drop of water to hopefully sprout a few roots and flourish – if only momentarily or periodically 🙂 In the zillions of blog posts, twitter feeds and other content generated on this course not only is there the question of how do we keep up with it all as reflected on by Tracey Parish, a fellow CCKer, in her blog, but how do we, as learners, begin to find content that is relevant, useful, challenging, new… What role does the tutor have to play in supporting the learner to find that needle in the haystack?

I’m also struck by a thought that a connectivist approach to learning may be better suited to Adult learners, who can cope with chaos, who have some confidence in what they need to learn and have some idea of where to begin. What about those learners who need much more scaffolding, who lack confidence in their own ability – those that might easily be lost along the way? After all education has quite a reputation of losing so many of its learners.

Again, these are just some initial thoughts that have been sparked off so far by my admittedly very limited reading!