CCK11 – Network diagrams

28 01 2011

I have probably spent far longer on this than I should – but I found the range and variety strangely fascinating. Here’s a few that I’ve found:

A circular network diagram , where each slice represents a region or country. Lines represent refugee movements.

The paths of air traffic over North America.

flight paths over North America

Financial stock recommendations. The rectangular nodes are analysts and the oval nodes are stocks. The connections between them indicate that the recommendation was buy (green), neutral (black) or sell (red).

London at night as viewed by the international space station.

London roads at night taken from the air

I was wandering if this last image was a good illustration of ‘weak ties’. Towns outside of London’s core connections are clearly visible, but they play an integral part to the structure and expansion of the core network. Is this ‘rhizomatic’ growth of a network?

Can you get 3D networks? Do they, or would they give a different picture? I’m thinking that ‘strong ties’ would morph the shape of the network and some connections might seem closer than on a 2D representation.

Networks show how nodes are connected, but with knowledge is there any one representative network diagram? Even if 2 students follow the same connection between nodes, the outcome, or quality of the connection is going to be different. Is that then a Personal Network?